Butterfly Chronicles video

As a Xmas gift, here you have a Butterfly Chronicles promo video. The sound track is Moonspell's "I am the eternal spectator" from the "Butterfly Effect" album. The manga has a Moonspell gig along the story. Remember: Hanako is a Moonspell follower. In the last video image, you can have a look at the real Hanako with me ;).



Hanako, the Butterfly Chronicles' main character, loves Heavy Metal music.
In one part of the story, Hanako goes with a friend to a Moonspell gig. Here you have one of the cases of that very gig, where you can see Moonspell lead singer, Fernando Ribeiro.


Butterfly Color

Some of the Butterfly Chronicles' pages will be published in colors. Here is an example. Colors by Joana LaFuente.



This guy is Kissy. A "drip love", always in love with every girl he meets. He is in charge of the University Droidball CheerLeaders. You can guess the troubles...


メカ Mecha / Droids

This is a 3D draft image of two of the Droids build by Manabu, playing Droidball.
Droidball is played by two teams of two manned droids (Mechas), and was a Manabu's invention.


Butterfly House

Hanako realised she got magic powers when she visited a Butterfly House.


It's this very Butterfly House that can be (partially) seen on the background of this case.



One Piece

So, now is time for one little piece of the manga.
Here you have one of the first pages of the japanese version.
I hope you enjoy it.



This guy is TEZUKA.
He knows e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about manga, and he uses this great knowledge to overcome some real life troubles.



MANABU is the Mister Brains of the class. He is an expert on robots and created an amazing bio-computer.



This is HANAKO, the main character of Butterfly Chronicles।
She got a sort of magical powers that allow her to make some of her friends’ wishes come true।