is Japan's No.1 English magazine, founded in
1994 and published for Japan’s international community.
It is the only English-language publication in Japan that
distributes up to 30,000 copies per printed issue.
In its last issue, they have a reference to Butterfly Chronicles'
chapter #1.


Forum Fantástico

João Mascarenhas, the author of Butterfly Chronicles will be at Forum Fantástico, on sunday 17 November at Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro, Telheiras, Lisbon, along with some friends (Filipe Melo, Dog Mendonza, Pizza Boy, Juan Cavia, João Miguel Lameiras, Ricardo Venâncio).

17h00 – Banda-Desenhada: Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy 3 – Ed. Tinta da China (com Filipe Melo, Juan Cavia e Santiago Villa), Butterfly Chronicles – Ed. Qualalbatroz (com João Mascarenhas e Marc Parchow), e Hanuram, O Dourado (com Ricardo Venâncio), moderado por João Lameiras


Japanese and English

We are giving away a free manga e-book by Portuguese author J. Mascarenhas. It’s the first of ten chronicles avaliable in English, Portuguese and Japanese. Get your FREE copy here at http://www.qualalbatroz.pt/qualoja


Droidball and Cheerleaders

Kymera's Droiball Team is in Osaka for the first game of the season against The Osaka Pirates. The crowd is enthusiastic... and so are the Cheerleaders!


Great Team

Now that the First Chronicle is already released (see here), here you have one more strip of one of the forecoming ones. Tezuka, Machai, Kissy and Manabu: the Droidball Team guys!


First e-book

The most recent Mascarenhas' digital manga is now released. The first episode - Hanako - is ready for download. It will be a multilingual manga (portuguese, english, japanese...).
You can download the portuguese version here.



Kuro-san (黒さんis the tycoon owner of GENOMA Inc. He wants to buy the Kymera’s patents on the DNA devices developed by Manabu, to increase his company business. And…


Champion / 覇者

Machai, the great droidball pilot of Kymera University. He's the holder of the highest score in a single shot: 7 points! Great achievement and a world record!


Two Girls

Atsuko and Hitomi… two girls from the Kymera University cheerleaders team. Too sexy and... well you'll see!



"SKETCHBOOK" is an electronic on-line magazine especially focused on the manga style.
Its #2 has an intervew with J.Mascarenhas about "Butterfly Chronicles", here.


Droidball Team

Kymera's University Droidball Team: Manabu, Tezuka and Machai.
Ready to start the championship.



The Kymera University's Airship. It's in it that the droidball team travels across the country.


少女とロボット!/ Girls and Robots!

It's term start at Kymera University. Manabu is presenting his new robot
to be developed in the classes by the students. Kissy is already on the scene!!!
Girls... pay attention! 


Manabu Lab

First day with the new students. Manabu going to his Lab to pick up the stuff
and start the new academic year. And more surprises will pop up...