Butterfly Chronicles - 2nd Chronicle: Manabu

The second chronicle - Manabu - is already available online.
In this chronicle we meet Manabu, Professor at Kymera University and roboticist, along with the funny Kissy. Come to the University...


Robots with Soul

Robots with Soul

Guy Hoffman is an animator, jazz musician and roboticist. He makes wonderful robots. Robots with soul. Just like Manabu. Both create great droids that blend abilities from mathematics and random human behaviour. Guy was probably a Kymera University's student for sure!
Enjoy the great video here and get the Butterfly Chronicles manga here.



Butterfly Chronicles' reference in a portuguese newspaper, about the first free chronicle release here.


Droidball & Cheerleaders

End of the first period. The score is Osaka Pirates 21 - Kymera 18. Time for the cherleaders' performance... and have a deep breath.