The Story

Hanako is a student at the Bio-Robotic University. Manabu is the Head of the Developing & Research Department. Manabu invented a special bio-computer that is applied in the bio-roids used in a sport called Droidball, and that involves all the country universities. This bio-computer allows the bio-roids continue to function even if it is damaged, contrarily to conventional ones.

But Manabu found a special feature of these bio-computers:  the DNA material used in them, allows the access to the memories of the being to which it belongs! Knowing this, Hanako realizes she can also access to some childhood memories of someone she loved so much. But the same feature unveiled the secret plans of a big enterprise, that tries to get the secret of this invention at any price… and the problems begin!

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  1. Esta sinopse deixou-me bem curioso para ler toda a história. Aguardo com expectativa este Mangá que à primeira vista visualmente me fez recordar o magistral Akira.

    Continuação de bom trabalho.